desktopADvantage branded software solutions have revolutionized corporate promotional gift giving. Take your company's direct marketing strategy to the next level with branded desktop products featuring your custom graphics and web links.

According to a CNET.com study, themed downloads such as wallpapers and screensavers are among the most downloaded files on the web — over 4 million searches every month! By combining the explosive popularity of such products with the growing brand loyalty of today's consumer, our branded software solutions provide a truly useful and valuable product for your customer. No other promotional product offers such high consumer appeal at extraordinarily low production and distribution costs. Plus, our patent-pending "linking mechanism" guarantees your customers are never more than a click away from your business!

Forget pens, boring notepads, and coffee mugs emblazoned with your company’s logo. Today’s web savvy consumer demands more and the high-tech interactivity and universal appeal of desktopADvantage’s branded Calendar and Headliner solutions ensure your company meets that demand. We guarantee it!

What can desktopADvantage's branded software solutions do for your business?

Guaranteed Traffic Increase

desktopADvantage products are guaranteed to dramatically increase your site's traffic within 30 days or your money back. No fine print. No questions asked.

Daily Exposure for Your Brand

By combining the constant exposure of branded products with the success of traditional direct marketing strategies, our software solutions guarantee that your company's brand is exposed to your customer every time they use their computer.

Immediate Calls-To-Action

Our patent-pending "linking-mechanism" provides 24/7, always-on accessibility and connectivity for your customers, ensuring they're never more than a click away from your business' products and website.

Better ROI Than Traditional Advertising Channels

A successful advertising strategy relies on providing your business with as much customer exposure as possible. For minimal production and distribution cost, you can guarantee your brand's constant exposure on your customers' very own computer desktop. Virtually no other advertising channel guarantees a better ROI.

Increased Interactivity

Traditional advertising channels are staid and boring. How many branded pens and magnetic refrigerator calendars to your customers really need? desktopADvantage solutions provide a useful, valuable, sought-after product that your customers will love to interact with.

Bypass Email Inbox Clutter & Spam Filters

You'll no longer worry whether your marketing strategy is quietly being snuffed out by your customers' spam filters. Because desktopADvantage solutions are entirely permission-based, your customers want to see your company's brand on their desktops!

A Branded Marketing Strategy That Lasts

Yesterday's "your-logo-here" pens, stress balls, and mouse pads provide brand exposure only until your customers quickly tire of them. Unlike these traditional advertising channels that ultimately serve to benefit only your company, desktopADvantage provides useful, feature-rich software products that your customers will truly love. This translates to a marketing shelf-life of several years, versus months or weeks for other advertising vehicles.

Ideal for Organizations of All Kinds!
  • Internet Content Providers
  • Universities & Schools
  • Professional Services
  • Celebrities & Stars
  • Music & Movie Industry
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Consumer Goods Companies
  • Marketing & Ad Agencies
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Television & Radio Programs
  • Tourism Industry
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Campaigns & Fundraisers


Hhaha WOW! I love finding fun new avenues to get the name out. This is huge because our brand is building underground or guerilla style roots. The ratings are fantastic, that means we have some good fans developing. You guys are showing me off to a very new world. I can only imagine when we start posting to the blogs and forums!
- Joe Iacono / Iacono Design Group

Don't take our word for it! The New York Times described nFinity's software as:

"the most attractive software of all... beautifully designed."