Local Weather Headliner
Deliver "Real Time" Content Directly to the PC Desktop

desktopADvantage's Headliner provides your users with the news, media and content they want — all in real time.

Any Type of Media from Several Different Sources

Cutting edge technology allows you to combine embedded media from any source, including text, video, Flash presentations, movies, photos, animations, and more.

Stay Top of Mind

Patent-pending technology guarantees increased brand exposure. Your customers are never more than a click away from your company's products and services.

Stunning Interface Is Fully Customizable

A professionally designed graphical interface that's completely customizable with your company's brand ensures a high quality, finished product your customers will proudly display on their computer desktop.

Generate Advertising Revenue

Create a lasting new revenue stream with virtually limitless advertising opportunities — embed rotating ad banners, text links, line ads into your custom headliner.

Gain Exclusive

Traditional subscription models — RSS readers, e-mail newsletters, etc. — provide only limited access to your website's best content. desktopADvantage Headliner allows your company to display virtually unlimited media sources and content straight to your users' desktop.

Innovative Distribution

Our professional marketing team can provide a variety of proven, innovative distribution channels for your custom Headliner solution.

Get More From Your Online Content

Constant brand exposure guarantees better ROI from your online content. With your site's content never more than a click away, the opportunities for new and repeat traffic growth are limitless!

Stay in Touch with Your Fans 24/7

Our patent-pending "linking mechanism" provides your fans with 24/7, "always-on" access to your website's valuable content.

Bypass Email Inbox Clutter & Spam Filters

Your users will never wonder whether your site's newsletter has disappeared into their spam filter. Because desktopADvantage Headliner is entirely permission-based, your customers want to see your site's streaming content right on their desktops!

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Hhaha WOW! I love finding fun new avenues to get the name out. This is huge because our brand is building underground or guerilla style roots. The ratings are fantastic, that means we have some good fans developing. You guys are showing me off to a very new world. I can only imagine when we start posting to the blogs and forums!
- Joe Iacono / Iacono Design Group

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