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Since 2002, nFinity continues to receive media accolades and stellar reviews for its innovative, patent-pending consumer software solutions.

We recognize the three critical elements of successful branded solutions — intuitive end-user experience, value and usefulness for the customer, and long-term corporate branding and promotional opportunity. We leverage the combination of these three key ingredients in every one of our products to provide your brand with a revolutionary level of exposure, unsurpassed by any traditional advertising medium.

Today's web savvy consumer demands more and the high-tech interactivity and universal appeal of desktopADvantage's branded software solutions ensure your company meets that demand.

We're so confident that both you and your customers will love our products and that you'll see a dramatic increase in your site's traffic within 30 days, that we guarantee it!

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Hhaha WOW! I love finding fun new avenues to get the name out. This is huge because our brand is building underground or guerilla style roots. The ratings are fantastic, that means we have some good fans developing. You guys are showing me off to a very new world. I can only imagine when we start posting to the blogs and forums!
- Joe Iacono / Iacono Design Group

Don't take our word for it! The New York Times described nFinity's software as:

"the most attractive software of all... beautifully designed."