Airborne Mini Calendar
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  • Valuable desktop calendar software your customers will actually use
  • Indefinite shelf-life
  • Bypass Email Inbox Clutter & Spam Filters
  • Ideal for all kinds of organizations
Full-Featured Calendar Software

Unlike commercial calendar software that could cost your customers over $100 or more, desktopADvantage Calendar provides a free, full-featured alternative.

Stunning Graphics

A professionally designed graphical interface that's completely customizable with your company's brand ensures a high quality, finished product your customer's will proudly display on their computer desktop.

3-Year Annual View

With an estimated 18-month useful shelf-life, desktopADvantage Calendar's three year annual view allows your customers to instantly view their complete schedule for years to come.

Embedded Weblinks

Your customers are only a click away from your company's products and services.


Customers can view their schedule for the upcoming week in one convenient view, allowing for easy appointment scheduling and avoiding schedule conflicts.

To-Do List

An intuitive, easy-to-use to-do list provides a virtual all-in-one notepad of your customers' upcoming tasks.

Appointment Reminders

Instant desktop reminders virtually guarantee that your customers will never be late for a scheduled meeting or appointment again.

Patented Tab

Our patented tabbed interface with drop shade viewing makes scheduling appointments, reviewing to-do lists and accessing your company's website a snap.

Real Time Content

Fully customize your desktopADvantage Calendar interface with up-to-the-minute, real-time web content and news related to your business. Your users gain instant access to sporting schedules, weather forecasts, local news and more!

Quick Looks

User-friendly Quick Look feature allows your customers to view appointments and scheduled tasks at a glance by simply hovering over the Calendar interface – no mouse click necessary.

One Click Privacy Screen

One click automatically fills out the entire display with a full screen drop-down calendar that doubles as the ideal privacy screen.

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Hhaha WOW! I love finding fun new avenues to get the name out. This is huge because our brand is building underground or guerilla style roots. The ratings are fantastic, that means we have some good fans developing. You guys are showing me off to a very new world. I can only imagine when we start posting to the blogs and forums!
- Joe Iacono / Iacono Design Group

Don't take our word for it! The New York Times described nFinity's software as:

"the most attractive software of all... beautifully designed."